AI text watermarks and freeze eggs

So the team behind a new decision-making tool hopes it will help clear up some misconceptions surrounding the procedure — and give prospective parents some much-needed insight into the true costs, benefits, and potential pitfalls. Read the full story. —Jessica Hamzelou This story comes from The Checkup, MIT The Tech Warrior’s weekly newsletter that gives … Read more

Earth begs you to accept smaller EV batteries

Humanity may not exactly be winning the battle to avert climate change, but the electrification of cars is starting to look like a success story. Ten percent of new passenger cars sold around the world last year were electric, powered by batteries rather than gasoline. Yet that revolution has its own dirty side. If the … Read more

How some inmates in the US use smuggled cell phones to educate themselves, create TikToks, find love, publicize prison conditions, make money and more (Keri Blakinger/The Marshall Project)

Keri Blakinger / The Marshall Project: How some US inmates are using contraband cell phones to educate themselves, make TikToks, find love, publicize prison conditions, make money and more— Despite administrators’ concerns about security, inmates use phones to bully, make TikToks or publicize prison conditions.

2023 HomePod: How to pre-order Apple’s latest smart speaker

The second-generation HomePod is a follow-up to Apple’s original device from 2018, and while it mimics the design of the original (read: discontinued) model, some major hardware improvements make Apple’s forthcoming automation hub worth a look. The biggest and perhaps most obvious upgrade to the new HomePod is the Thread support and Matter compatibility, which … Read more

The Download: Identifying Rioters in Brazil and Shooting at the Moon

This is the current edition of The Download, our weekday newsletter that gives a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. Brazilians turn to Instagram to identify far-right rioters In the hours after far-right insurgents vandalized government buildings in Brazil’s capital on Sunday, January 8, a new account appeared on Instagram. … Read more

CircleCI says hackers stole encryption keys and source code from customers • TheTechWarrior

CircleCi, a software company whose products are popular with developers and software engineers, confirmed that some customers’ data was stolen in a data breach last month. The company said in a detailed blog post Friday that it identified the intruder’s first entry point as an employee’s laptop compromised with malware, enabling the theft of session … Read more

2022 was not the hottest on record. That’s nothing to celebrate

Asia experienced its second warmest year on record. On April 30, temperatures hit 120 degrees Fahrenheit in Jacobabad, Pakistan — unusually early for the region. As summer arrived, heat waves killed 50,000 people in the European Union in July alone, and as vegetation dried out, fires broke out in London and burned large parts of … Read more

Nothing Phone (1) is rolling out in the US via a $299 "beta membership" offered through June 2023, but the company says the phone "may not work with all US carriers" (Ben Clean/9to5Google)

Am Clean / 9to5Google: Nothing Phone (1) is rolling out in the US via a $299 “beta” membership, offered through June 2023, but the company says the phone “may not work with all US carriers”— Following an earlier teaser, the Nothing Phone (1) is now officially on its way to the United States…