34 Best Walmart Black Friday Deals (2022): TVs, Earbuds, and More

Long gone are the days of camping outside Walmart, making small talk with strangers as you prepare to jostle them in the hopes of snagging a Black Friday doorbuster. Swap the coat for pajamas and the tent for your couch—all of the best Walmart Black Friday deals are available online. You can even choose free in-store pickup to skip waiting for the mail to come. 

Updated November 25: We’ve added some navigation to help jump around the sections and more of deals across multiple categories including the Sonos Arc Soundbar, Galaxy Watch5, Remington Shine Therapy Flat Iron, and more.

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We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. Products that are sold out or no longer discounted as of publishing will be crossed out. We’ll update this guide throughout the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

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Walmart Extended Returns and Walmart+ Benefits

Walmart’s “holiday guarantee” isn’t as enticing as that of Best Buy or Target, which offer pricing protection against future discounts on select markdowns. Walmart doesn’t compensate shoppers if an item becomes cheaper later on. Walmart does, however, extend its return policy for the holidays. Eligible purchases can be returned through the end of January 2023. The retailer also offers curbside returns. 

Walmart+ members in select markets can schedule a free pickup of their returns. Other benefits include early access to select sales, free shipping on almost all orders, fuel savings of up to 10 cents off per gallon, and a Paramount+ Essentials subscription. Walmart+ costs $13 per month or $98 per year. A free 30-day trial is available to new subscribers. 

Walmart Coupon Codes

Select accounts may be able to redeem one or more of the following promo codes for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more: PAYPAL10 (must check out with Paypal); WOWFRESH; DISCOVER. These offers are targeted, so your mileage may vary, but it’s worth trying during checkout. 

Acer Nitro 5.

Photograph: Acer

This is, according to WIRED reviewers, the best cheap gaming laptop as well as one of the best gaming laptops. We prefer beefier spec configurations, but this model still has solid performance and a fantastic keyboard. The Acer Nitro 5 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) nails the balance between budget and features, packing solid graphics and performance into a simple design. 

Acer technically has two different laptops called the Swift 3. This is the cheaper version of the two. It has better battery life, but the display and computing power aren’t as impressive as the model we reviewed here. It’s still a good pick for folks that need a cheap laptop and don’t want to spend a ton of cash.

This is the best gaming laptop for folks seeking an AMD and NVIDIA combo. We prefer the 1-TB storage option compared to this model’s 512-GB SSD, but otherwise, the specs align with what we recommend. The display is excellent, the graphics are solid, and there are lots of ports for additional connectivity.

Meta Quest 2

Photograph: Meta

Meta’s Quest 2 VR headset is still our top pick for anyone looking to get into VR, and this one even comes with two of the best games to play in VR: Resident Evil 4 VR, and Beat Saber. Unlike previous VR headsets, the Meta Quest 2 doesn’t require any external sensors, it doesn’t even need to be plugged into a computer. It’s self-contained, like a game console you wear on your head. The two games included in this bundle equal $54, but it’s worth noting that Meta hiked the price of this headset this August by $100.

It’s not the OLED model, but the original Nintendo Switch is still a solid pickup. It includes a digital copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This bundle includes a three-month membership to Nintendo Switch Online, so you can beat your friends on Rainbow Road. The console usually costs $300 so both the game and membership are a bonus. Plenty of Nintendo Switch titles are on sale this weekend to help round out your game library. 

The Xbox Series S is the smaller sibling of the Xbox Series X, and it’s a great little console. Not only is it smaller and super adorable, but it can also do everything the Series X can do except for 4K. The Series S tops out at 1440p, and if that’s no big deal it’s a great console to have around. 

This bundle usually dips this low. But since the PlayStation 5 is constantly fluctuating in stock, we consider this a great deal—especially if you’re trying to get your hands on the console this holiday season.

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Dyson V10 Animal Cyclone

Photograph: Amazon

While it’s not the cheapest price we’ve ever seen, this is still a solid discount on the V10 (8/10, WIRED Recommends). Many WIRED Gear staffers like Dyson’s stick vacuums for their consistent suction power and maneuverability. This model can be converted into a hand vacuum for cleaning tricky areas like vehicles or stairs. The brand-new Dyson V12 Detect (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is also on sale for $500 ($150 off) or you can step up to the flagship V15 Detect for $649 ($100 off). Read our Best Dyson Vacuums guide for more.

The Roomba J7+ is one of the very best robot vacuums. It operates quietly and navigates efficiently, and powerful suction means shorter runtimes and better cleaning overall. Once the gadget’s job is done, it’ll take out its own trash thanks to the self-emptying bin. 

Ember Mug2

Photograph: Ember

It won’t prevent you from forgetting where you set it down, but this mug will ensure coffee will never go cold again (or at least for an hour and a half.) The smartphone app lets you select the perfect temperature, and the battery lasts for 90 minutes on a single charge. 

The Nest Hub (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is a great centerpiece for a smart home. It shows calendar events, can display video from smart doorbells, and you can even use it to control other smart devices via the screen or by asking Google Assistant. The assistant is handy for answering random queries, like how much whiskey you should use for a whiskey sour. There’s no camera, so it’s nice for more private areas like bedrooms.

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Headphone and Audio Deals

Beats Fit Pro

Photograph: Beats

The Beats Fit Pro (9/10, WIRED Recommends) are some of the best wireless earbuds for workouts. They’re compatible with Android phones but work especially well when paired with an iPhone. They’re comfortable, sweatproof, and sound great in all use cases—not only when you’re in the middle of a run.

These are the very best wireless headphones. The WH-1000XM5 (9/10, WIRED Recommends) have excellent battery life and even better sound quality. Their fantastic noise cancellation, easy controls, and pleasing design are icing on the cake. 

The name may be a bit confusing, but there’s no mixing up whether or not the audio quality is great. These earbuds (7/10, WIRED Recommends) feature noise cancellation and a battery that’ll last 8 hours per charge. Just be aware that they’re on the beefier side, so if your ears are small, another pair might be better. 

JLab Audio Go Air Pop.

Photograph: JLab

These are the best cheap headphones under $50, and thanks to this deal, today they’re even more affordable than usual. Despite the budget-friendly price point, these earbuds have eight hours of battery life between charges. That’s even more than AirPods offer. The built-in USB cable makes recharging easy.

If you’re looking for a smart speaker to accomplish the basics, the Google Nest Mini (7/10, WIRED Recommends) is your best option. The compact device makes it easy to set timers, ask questions, and control your smart home. The fabric cover is made of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles and comes in a variety of fun colors.

If you’re looking for an extra-portable Bluetooth speaker, we highly recommend this one from Marshall. At under two pounds, it’s lightweight and compact. And with an IPX7 water-resistance rating, it can be submerged in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. As with its larger sibling, the Stockwell II, it also has a battery gauge.

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TV and Home Theater Deals


Photograph: LG

The excellent picture quality is great, but so is this TV’s overall design. The thin bezels and pedestal mount make it pleasing to look at even when it’s off. The included smart remote is fun to use, too—it’s similar to a Nintendo Wii remote. Remember those?

Hisense is a solid brand to check out if you’re looking for a larger screen without dropping thousands of dollars. With a quantum-dot-enabled LED, it packs brighter colors that are likely more vivid than the TV you have at home, assuming it’s more than a few years old.

This TV is excellent for bright spaces and bigger rooms. The large screen gets extremely bright and it also has a super wide viewing angle. The excellent backlighting system also makes it ideal for watching darker content.

Sonos One SL Speaker

Photograph: Sonos

This is the same as our favorite Sonos speaker, the Sonos One, except it doesn’t have a microphone or support for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa—perfect for anyone that doesn’t care for those smart features. The audio is excellent, and you can pair them with other Sonos speakers wirelessly for multi-room audio around the home. Read our Sonos guide for more.

We’re typically not huge fans of soundbars priced this high with no subwoofer, but we’ve made an exception for this one. In addition to a fairly robust sound, it also comes equipped with Alexa built-in—making it easy to set timers or play Spotify when you’re in the living room.

Everyone should have a soundbar. This one is a goodie, with solid balance between sound and size. It plays well with voice assistants and Dolby Atmos, and the attractive design will fit in any living room. Our guide to the Best Sonos Speakers has more details. 

Sonos Arc Soundbar

Photograph: Sonos

The Sonos Arc (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is our go-to option for home theater setups. It produces a crisp sound along with deep bass, and has a super sleek aesthetic. It’s expensive, but more affordable than a full surround-sound setup.

Walmart’s Chromecast deal comes with a Stranger Things Funko Pop figurine, featuring Eleven with her Eggo waffles. Unfortunately, it’s only available for pickup (though your mileage may vary). The good news is that the streaming stick is still on sale for $40 ($10 off). We recommend it (8/10, WIRED Recommends) for Google enthusiasts and folks that prefer casting from a smartphone. It’s easy to use, especially so thanks to the Google-like search which allows you to hunt for a show across platforms. 

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Apple Watch Series 8. 

Photograph: Apple

The Apple Watch Series 8 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of the best Apple Watches on the market right now. It has plenty of health-related bells and whistles, including some you won’t find in other fitness trackers, like blood oxygen measurements and ECG capabilities. 

Google’s first Pixel Watch (6/10, WIRED Review) doesn’t have quite as many features as some other smartwatches, but it does the things it can very well—and some of those features, like fall detection, will be added at a later date. It can still track workout metrics and heart rate, and it has built-in ECG functionality. The pleasing design and comfortable fit round out the package. We just wish it had longer battery life. Note that this watch will only work with Android phones. 

This is our favorite smartwatch (7/10, WIRED Recommends) for Android owners, especially if it’s a Samsung. It’s just as accurate as the Apple Watch in a variety of health and fitness metrics. It’s also comfy to wear, looks stylish, and has a slick interface with the ability to respond to notifications, ask Google Assistant questions, and more. The larger, 44mm size is discounted as well for $259 ($51 off). If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the GalaxyWatch4 (40mm) is on sale too for $169 ($30 off).

Oral-B Pro 1000 Oscillating Electric Toothbrush

Photograph: Amazon

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is not only one of the best electric toothbrushes, but it’s also one of the most affordable. The vibrations are powerful and the round brush gets between every tooth. It doesn’t have smart features like a companion app or tracking, but most people don’t need that.

This is our favorite cheap flat iron. WIRED writer Medea Giordano said it straightened her curls both quickly and easily, so she didn’t have to go over certain sections multiple times (and therefore, frying it more in the process). Even though it didn’t add shine, it also kept her hair from looking crispy (which is a common occurrence for her).

As far as at-home Covid-19 tests go, this is the easiest one to use. Taking the test is simple and straightforward, and you’ll be able to confirm your results through the free smartphone app after waiting just ten minutes. You may be able to reimburse your purchase through your insurance or FSA/HSA plan. 

iHealth’s Covid-19 kit comes with the same supplies as any standard kit: a test card, nasal swab, and solution. After collecting your sample, soaking it in solution, and adding three drops to the test card, you’ll get your results in 15 minutes. It’s worth noting the FDA issued a warning for counterfeit versions of the iHealth Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test kits that haven’t been authorized for sale in the US. So, we recommend using these links to make sure you’re purchasing the authentic version. 

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Totallee Thin iPhone Case

Photograph: Totallee

This is the perfect case for those who despise using one but can’t be trusted to keep their phone from accidental drops and dings. Totallee’s cases aren’t going to stand up to serious abuse, but they’ll be able to handle everyday scuffs and they’re some of the thinnest cases out there.

There are plenty of third-party MagSafe chargers, but Apple’s official charger will power up your iPhone the fastest (15 watts). That’s because it aligns precisely with the spot that allows for the best power transfer. However, with a 3-foot cable, it’s frustrating to use your phone while it’s charging unless you’re right next to where it’s plugged in.

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