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If you are a gamer, you will never concern about how much money you invest for PC and mouse, because these tools are must-have devices. Importantly, you must consider the best MMO gaming mouse 2021. A good MMO mouse will have some more extra buttons, but not all of these mouses make you comfortable.

Best MMO Gaming Mouse 2021

To find the best one, you should take a look at its features, how comfortable it makes and how lightweight it is. Its buttons should be placed in the way that makes sense to you and does not hurt your hands.

I have been used several MMO gaming mice, hence as a real gamer, in my article, I will figure out some of the best gaming mouse which I am in front of for the time. I hope it makes sense to you all.

Top 3 best MMO gaming mouse 2021 reviews for the market

1. Razer Naga Chroma – Ergonomic RGB MMO Gaming Mouse

Razer is Gaming gear ‘s product which is very popular in the market all over the world. Razer Naga is one of the considerable names in the gaming mouse, especially for the fan of Razer and MMO gamers.

Nage was introduced in 2009, it is the first high-end product for MMO. Nage is constantly improving with the new technology and perfect style, which promise to become the best MMO gaming mouse for every game player.

Naga is different from another gaming mouse with typical style and impressive edges. It was designed to be great and comfortable for most of the gamer’s hands. It comes with 12 thumb buttons for faster in-game actions and assured tactile feedback. These buttons are designed to allow blind find, hence you can stay focused on the game and let your instincts lead you to become the victory.

Besides, it has the tilt-click scroll wheel which can go left, right, up and down smoothly and also for more buttons as you want. It helps in navigating a lengthy forum for the MMO starts. You can not notice about its light with 16.8 million customizable color options for both scroll wheel and thumb grid.

Thus, you can select from the impressive spectrum of colors to personalize the rager Naga chroma. You are able to make your unique mouse distinctly ours because each region is controlled independently through Synapse.

With the features of inter-device color synchronization, you can decide what is your favorite color. Moreover, all the razer chroma enabled devices to come with the open SDK which allows gamer developer to benefit the multitude of lighting options ready for Razer by integrating these advanced effects to make in-game lighting alerts and actions every minute lighting function.

It is the real choice for MMO gamer. You can customize each button on this mouse to our personal skillset, hotkeys, and macros right form the game through a non-instructive overlay. With the icons right from your MMO, the thumb grid can be displayed so you can know what button to hit.

• Offering good price with advanced features and Lightweight about 4.8 pounds
• Simple key mapping/blinding in Synapse
• An ideal selection for MMO gamers
• Great for fingertip grips

• Too big for those who have smaller hands such as female
• Scroll wheel does not free spin
• Side buttons have a little tactile feel

2. Naga Chroma MMO Gaming Mouse – 12 Programmable Thumb Buttons – 16,000 DPI – Wired

Naga Chrome MMO is the best MMO gaming mouse, every MMO game player desires to have one. The certified refurbished model is certified factory refurbished and it comes with 90-day warranty. Its design and look are similar to the Razer Naga chroma above. It features 19 fully programmable buttons. If you are MMO game player or someone who is looking to expand the macro usage, this model provides the freedom to program up to 19 buttons.

It also has chroma lighting with 16.8 million color selections, which ensures your mouse as great as it feels. Besides, the 12 buttons mechanical thumb grid offers gamers the tactile sense. This Naga has a one size fits all ergonomic form factor to make sure that your hands fit snugly for the most comfort.

It is equipped with many options with the software you install. The refurbished is the new brand which is very sturdy. This newer model also has the tilt-click scroll wheel that can move left, right, up and down that offers more button options for your MMO. The thumb grid button is concave that allows for blind-find clicks so the gamer can stay focused on the game they are playing.

One great feature is the synapse configuration software that helps you to save memory profiles. Built-in world of Warcraft allows you to drag and drop character skills onto the overlay to customize your loadout.

Color for the thumb grid and scroll wheel is adjusted through the synapse. Grid assist display overlay allows you to see where each skill is mapped on the grid.

• Many button options to use and many colors to cycles through as it lights up
• Great 12 programmable buttons
• The mouse fits the hand very well even the small hands
• Affordable price

• Not easy to learn instruction


Corsair is rated in the top of best MMO gaming mouse, it has 12 thumb buttons delivering the scimitar’s count to 17 which is very impressive.

The 16 DPI sensor, RGB lighting, and ergonomic shape make a great package. It weighs about 147g, which is quite heavy. It has the larger size with smooth arching shape that against our hands. The plastic surface is smooth with soft touch matte finish.

It also has two DPI buttons, left/right clicks and a scroll wheel. Each of 4 RGB zones is able to be customized to react to profile changes. The left side of the mouse is home to 12 buttons, with the whole bank mounted to a movable plate which is adjusted to fit user’s hands. The RBG one is also located here with a line of color, that is very visible even when the mouse is in use.

The other side of the mouse has a largely textured rubber coating on the right side of the hand. The final RGB zone lighting the back of the mouse. Its DPI can be tailored to a single digit and allow for an unprecedented control over sensitivity. Scimitar is more aimed at MOBA and RIS players, because of 12 buttons is going to be more useful here.

The mouse looks great with bright and vivid shining across the desk. The colors can be changeable, there are the variety of patterns to select. Via the corsair cue software, it can be controlled.

Its features are rich and it is laid out, so you can easily customize the DPI of the mouse,calibrate your surface and reassign the button mappings. It is also easy to create macros and there is plenty of power to set up some winning combinations,

Scimitar Pro is a great gaming mouse with the nice performance, smooth gliding and predictable tracking across games of all genres. Its design is excellent. If you are looking for the mouse with plenty of features, elegant look, and great performance – it is absolutely what you want.

• Easy to set up and great movable keypad
• Good choice for female and smaller hands
• Nice construction with the comfortable grip
• Easy to download and import CUE profiles

• The 1 button is a tad low and difficult to press without lifting the mouse up
• The buttons are little mushy
• The cursor may bug out over time

General guide Best MMO Gaming Mouse 2021

The gaming mouse is one of the most hectic markets, it requires the gamer the certain alert and full acknowledgment. I would like to identify some of the factors the effect how you choose the right gaming mouse for great performance and good price.

1. Type of gamer

Actually, there are the different mouse for different gaming purposes. As you know, there is some kind of game: RTS, MMO, FPS, and RPG. For each genre of game, there is a mouse that is created for that category such as Razer is best for MMO gamer. General speaking, most all gaming mouse is wired not wireless.

2. Grip style

You have to know which kind of grip you use, especially when you play games on PC using the mouse for more mundane tasks. I separate the grips into 3 styles.

Firstly, palm grip which is a standard grip used by most gamers, For this style, your finger flat on the mouse buttons and your palm rest on the body of the mouse. Secondly, tip grip style, you just put the tips of your index, middle and ring fingers on the left, center and mouse buttons with your palm not touch the body of the mouse. Your thumb will be on the side of the mouse.

Finally, claw style, there is a mix between the palm and tip grip styles. Your palm will place on the back edge of the mouse while your thumb tips and your fingers angled in towards the buttons.

You do not need to change your grip style, you just need to find whatever grips make the right to you and let you play well. The wider mouse is recommended for a more general palm grip. Short mouse without the large palm and lighter overall body make maneuvering with the tip Grip. The claw grip style gamer is suitable for the narrow mouse with skinny buttons.

3. Software (customizable mouse)

The customizable mouse is flashy and expensive, but it is so great. It lets players customize everything from the angle of palm rest to the feel of the buttons. Most nice gaming mouse comes with their own PC software. This software allows you to set up the lighting profile, customize button assignments and DPI options. It allows you to change the sensitivity of the mouse for quicker or more precise tracking. Besides, the software of mouse can allow you to customize macros for buttons, make the control for mousepads, install custom button profile for each game.

4. Type of gaming mouse

Shooter gaming mouse

One of the mouse popular gaming mice, it uses a conventional left button wheel right button install for main input, reflecting more regular desktop gaming mouse. This mouse type is so simple, allow gamers to adapt quickly to all kinds of action using just 3 fingers. DPI up and down buttons on more expensive one, there is some shooter mouse have the sniper button when depressed lowers DPI for super sensitive shots.

MMO mouse

MMO mouse is the special mouse with different design and function, just born for only MMO gamers. It has crazy 12 buttons grid for the thumb. It is excellent for games that take advantages form many custom bound skills or unit groups. Especially, the smaller and harder to identify thumb buttons make it less useful for faster-paced action and shooter games.

Mobile mouse

For the busy gamer, the smaller, portable mouse is designed. They are normally wireless and much lighter than the standard mouse. They also provide the specific benefit to gamers who love the tip grip style because the smaller body could be easier to maneuver while touching less of the mouse.

Hybrid mouse

This kind of mouse is flexible to work on any gaming genre without excelling at any task. They include more than standard 2 shooter thumb buttons, but less than the MMO grids. If you want something more flexible, the hybrid can be the best choice for you.

I hope that after reading, you can identify what mouse do you want? Do not forget to read user’s review to have an objective view about the mouse that you think it is right for you.

Famous MMO gaming mouse brands

1. Razer

Razer has been a famous mouse brand among online game players for a long time. Its practical and efficient design supports users in their game. Their products offer the great features all the needed functions that hardcore gamers require. It is mostly for both left and right-handed users, it body comes with a set of pre-setup buttons on either side of the mouse with the scrollers sandwiched.

Thank 10,000 DPI, 1000 Hz Ultra-polling and rubber side grips, The Razer chroma is particularly interesting among gamers. Its ergonomic body is designed for right-handed gamers and has 5 buttons interface with customizable functions. The sensitive optical sensors and large macro buttons make this version become one of the best MMO gaming mice in the market.

2. Corsair

For hardcore gaming, it is important to mention about the console and gaming mouse. Corsair is the reliable brand in the gaming market. It is famous for innovative and appealing gaming device as keyboards, mouse, and monitors. From the professional to the amateur gamers, all of them love Corsair gaming mouse. This manufacturer releases both wired, wireless models and customizable mouse sets for gamers.

Its firm body has a set of 8 custom made buttons and the sensitive scroll wheel which is easy to handle. Moreover, it has the set of additional functions such as a sniper button on the left side of its body, DPI switch with lights and a 3 point weight customization for more performance.

3. Logitech

Logitech is the other competent gaming mouse that is famous for its very unique design and the solid style. They also provide gamers both wired and wireless gaming mouse for ambitious gamers who desire to make it to the top gamer.

Recently, Logitech introduces to the market a lot of new models with great features, light weight, and sensitive interface. There have been some models which are designed for both left and right-handed users and has 9 program buttons and 3 memory profiles. Besides, it is equipped with the intuitive configuration software which is an innovation for both casual and professional users.


Zowie gaming mouse is a brand coming in friendly and efficient design which offers first-person shooters a great experience. They provide to the users the useful model of the mouse such as FK2, FK1, EC1- A and EC2-A, these models have different features but all determined to elevate your gaming criteria from beginner to master.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the differences between the gaming mouse and regular mouse?
The gaming mouse is designed for gaming, they have two main characteristics, an advanced optical or laser sensor that allows the faster and more precise actions, some degree of customization. Gaming mouse usually has extra buttons for player’s thumb, extra long cables, exotic features such as weights or button tension springs.

Most of the gaming mouse is wired, not wireless except the mobile mouse. This can be put down to input lag that is the advantage for USB. The expensive model has more bells and whistles, but it does mean that you will get the better experience by giving more money to it.

2. How to find the best gaming mice for MOBA gamers?
The mouse for MOBA is designed to focus on adding more features to spells and abilities, more buttons and DPI as well as more customization options. Especially, the MOBA gaming mouse is equipped with buttons on the side and let you customize the extra edge you need to win. Razer Naga, Logitech G600, and Corsair Scimitar are some of the best mice for MOBA.

3. What to look for in the hardware of gaming mouse?
The obvious thing to consider first is buttons which determine the efficiency of playing the game. Comfort is the second important factor to choose any gaming mouse, the mouse should make your hand feel natural. That is the reason why some mice come with 2 or even 3 shaped grips you can swap on the side body for the better side that fit your hand. Besides, you also need t remember the factor of easy to use.

4. How many buttons do I have in my gaming mouse?
It is impossible to answer directly as it depends on what game are you playing, If you play FPS game, 4-5 buttons is enough. However, MMO and RTS gamers, 6-9 buttons, even more, is greater.

5. What is the best way to hold my gaming mouse?
As I mentioned before, there is three way to handle gaming mouse tip grid, claw grid, and palm grip. You can choose what is the better way for you and make you comfortable.

6. How much DPI will be the best for the gaming mouse?
The most common range for DPI is 800 to 1800.

Wrapping up

Choosing the best gaming mouse is simple now, the only thing you need just money and are ready to spend your money. It would be hard if you are considering which is the good mouse with great features that support efficiently in your game but also fit your tight budget. From my point of view and my experience, three above mouse would be the great performers. May you get your best MMO gaming mouse 2021 !

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