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Best ZOWIE Mouse

What is the best ZOWIE Mouse 2021 ? Every competitive and strong PC gamer knows that a ZOWIE mouse is an excellent choice for building a gaming arsenal and beating his opponents. One has a precision aiming capability and accurate clicking power per minute! Imagine a game without using this competitive gaming mouse.

While an ordinary mouse may help in one way or another, or when playing solitaire, it’s not what you need for that ultimate gaming experience – with all the thrill and excitement to complete your day. ZOWIE mice have been around for years.

It is the common choice for faster movements and efficiency. But today, there are so many ZOWIE models to choose from and invest on, so finding the best one could feel as if you’re shooting the moon if you don’t know what to look for and buy.

That’s why this guide is created! It aims at helping you search and look for the right ZOWIE mouse to suit your needs and requirements. If you’re ready, we’re here to provide you with a glimpse on the best mice on the market. But before that though, let’s discuss the most important considerations when finding the right gaming mouse for you.

Briefly, your personal preference matters. Not all mice are created equal to provide you with everything you need. For one, you must avoid those with terrible software driver, cheap sensors and poor construction. It’s not in one instance or two when you talked with a friend about his bad experience using slow-moving and poorly constructed, cheap mice.

Here’s our picks best ZOWIE Mouse 2021:

#1 Best: BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports Mouse (Top Pick)
#2 Best: BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A E-Sports Mouse (Premium Choice)
#3 Best: ZOWIE GEAR EC1-A Mouse (Great Value)
#4 Best: BenQ ZOWIE FK2 E-Sports

Top 4 Best ZOWIE Mouse for the Money 2021 on the market

#1: BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports Gaming Mouse

The ZOWIE FK1 is a huge help for gamers! Its Ambidextrous gives even left-handed players an easier and better playing experience. The mouse is extraordinary for its Avago 3310. This feature is its optical sensor, which lets you maneuver more precisely without any hassles.

The ZOWIE FK1 is by BenQ, a well-known gaming mouse maker that has been around for years, keeping up with high quality standards of gamers globally. It is one of the best makers of PC gaming accessories, which most customers choose for high quality construction, reasonable prices and top features.

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports is for those looking for a precise gaming accessory that comes with max accuracy without the fuss! You don’t want to spend on very expensive models and then later getting less than what you have spent for, so this unit is a great choice.

This mouse has a soft-rubberized finish, asymmetrical layout and ambidextrous style suitable for all types of players. It has four macro buttons – two on left and another two on the right.The model has a long right and left click button, which makes it look stunning while keeping things functional.

Regarding performance and ergonomics, it is superb especially for palm grip users.There is also enough space for the right or left click buttons.

The scroll wheel is fairly thick for the middle finger though.It weighs about 90 grams, has a Teflon feet (plus an extra), and comes with four DPI options from 400 to 3200.There are also no drivers required for installation. It is a plug-and-play mouse and lets you switch functionalities – left or right hand.

#2: BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A E-Sports Gaming Mouse

Are you looking for a top performing gaming mouse? Then, the BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A is for you. It is made with the Avago 3310 sensor, which makes controlling easier and faster. It also has its same size and shape with the EC series. There is also no installation or hardware needed for this plug-and-play model.

This is one of the best FPS mice that you’d ever use for the comfort and ideal shape it has. It lets you change the DPI options and polling rate. The DPI can be changed from 400-3200. This mouse is very simple and every curve on it is well thought of. It offers legendary tracking and has a solid built and crisp buttons.

It also comes complete with an extra set of mouse feet, a sticker, and a user guide. There are three polling rates in the ZOWIE EC2-A, and each can be changed using a button combination. It is ergonomic, has a 16-step scroll wheel, five buttons and has a perfect lift-off distance from 1.5-1.8 mm. This model is ideal for people with the claw or palm grip.

#3: ZOWIE GEAR EC1-A Gaming Mouse

The ZOWIE GEAR EC1-A is an ideal mouse for gamers. It is lightweight and responsive. It has the same size and shape as that of the EC2-A. It is also built with the Avago 3310, so maneuvering it is easy. The product is a right-handed unit, and it requires no driver. The lift-off distance is 1.5-1.8 mm, and it has the 24-step scroll wheel. Users can choose from DPI profiles from 400-3200.

This unit also has an adjustable USB report rate from 125-1000 Hz. There are also five buttons and its cable length is 6.6 feet. The product is compatible with Win2000/XP/VISTA/7/8 or with a Mac OS X v10.2 after. The ZOWIE GEAR EC1-A is three parts, and it has a rubberized soft touch surface, which is very good for a natural grip.

There is no fancy illumination, no loads of useless buttons and no software needed. Users will only have to turn it over to change the DPI. That’s so simple.

#4: BenQ ZOWIE FK2 E-Sports

The BenQ ZOWIE FK2 is a perfect choice for serious gamers looking for low lift-off distance of 1.5~1.8mm. This model is also designed with the Avago 3310 optical sensor, which is one of the most distinguishable among ZOWIE gaming mice. It is also made with adjustable DPI settings from 400-3200 and it can be used even by left-handed players.

The unit has two thumb buttons for serving all types of users. It is also easy to switch functionalities. Its USB report rate is adjustable from 125-1000 Hz. The product has five buttons and with a cable length of 6.6 feet.

It also has a low profile design, which provides users with freedom to form fit their hand to the shape of the mouse. It also lets the fingers and palm to be closer to the mouse pad. The BenQ ZOWIE FK2 is a bit smaller than the FK1 and it requires no drivers to use.

How to Choose the Best ZOWIE Mouse

You’ve probably read plenty of reviews, such as a ZOWIE FK1 review. To tell you, it is more confusing than helping to read and understand those tech jargons and vocabulary that most beginners won’t be able to comprehend. At the very least, some reviews failed at clarifying what makes gaming mice different from an ordinary PC mouse.

To give you a quick preview, any design would do for gaming. A mouse does not need to have so many additional buttons or flashy lights.

But then, a gaming mouse is worth an investment because it possesses the most important characteristics you’d need. For one, advanced models have a laser sensor (optical sensor). This feature lets you make precise, quick movements. In that case, you won’t miss a target and aim better, more accurately! With an ordinary mouse, this could be impossible.

Second, a gaming mouse has additional buttons for playing with ease. It should have a player’s thumb that lets you control it better. Plus, ZOWIE mice come with easy adjustments on speed, sensitivity and so on. On the other hand are some units and brands that offer adjustable button tension springs and weights.

Compared to ordinary PC mice, those made for gaming are wired, putting down to “input lag” but it is a debatable advantage for a USB input. But then, even an ordinary wireless mouse can have an input delay by up to a few hundredths of a second, which is lower than the threshold of reaction times.

However, the considered advantage of a wired connection may also mean that non-mobile models aren’t easy to find. On the market, you can find wireless mice claimed to have custom and fast wireless connections – and these types are pricier than regular ones.

Online, you’ll also find more features among expensive models versus cheaper types. But the price alone won’t be a clear indicator of a good mouse and sole consideration when making a purchase. In short, you don’t have to spend much even on the highest quality mice available on the market. So before laying your hands on a gaming mouse with a “cool” design, you need to check on the following factors for the best results.

• What’s your grip style? Well, this is important and actually the first thing to check when looking for a gaming mouse. When playing a PC game, know your grip style. There are certain grip styles available to choose from and pick.

• Tip grip style: This is a gripping method used by some players. It is obvious if only the tips of your fingers (index, middle and ring) are resting on the left, center and mouse buttons, while your palm isn’t contacting with the body. Instead, your thumb is holding on the side.

• Palm grip style: This is most common among players. How do you know you have it? Check if your fingers are laying flat on the buttons while your palm is resting on the mouse’s body.

• Claw grip style: Do you grip your mouse using a combination of the two mentioned above? Well, here’s how to check. See if your palm is resting only on the back edge, while your thumb and fingertips are directed towards the mouse’s buttons. Do you have that style? Then, look for gaming mice designed for gamers like you!

Knowing your grip style, you can play effectively and have a better experience. But sometimes, different grips can be effective or not, depending on the games you’re playing. However, still, it is not a good idea to change your grip style intentionally. Always go for that grip you’re comfortable with all the time.

On the other hand, different types of gaming mice also favor specific grips. For example, those with wider and larger surfaces are ideal for people in the palm grip group. These models assume that users will have some of their hand resting on their mouse pads.

Then, there is a short mouse that does not have a wide and large palm area. Watch out on these if you’re a palm grip user. Commonly, it has a lighter weight, which makes controlling with a tip gripping style easier and faster. Now for the claw grip users, they appreciate models designed with elongated primary buttons and narrower bodies.

• What’s the software customization feature? Many good gaming mice include PC software, either in a suite along with compatibility for headsets and keyboards, or as a standalone package. This type of software will let you customize the button assignments, lighting profile and DPI options.

The last one is important because this feature lets you change your mouse’s sensitivity for precise and quick tracking. If you’re lucky, you can also find those advanced models, which allow you set them up with the buttons.

The software also lets you adjust on the macros for varying buttons and set up their profiles according to the game you’re playing. Mice units available will let you set everything up to a lesser or greater degree.

One useful feature to review such consideration is to look for the mouse’s capability of saving profiles instantly to the mouse’s memory, letting you play from one PC to another with all the settings already intact, no new setups needed.

• What’s the type of mouse? Understand that the world of gaming mice is complex. Not all of them are created equal, as mentioned previously. Gaming accessories like them are divided into categories as well.

Each of them has their distinct placements and button designs, especially created to help you get the most of the game. The following you’re about to read aren’t related to the grip style and body styles as we’ve discussed a while ago.

• Shooter mice: It is a fast gaming mouse and also the most common at that. It is designed and made using the left button-mouse and wheel-right button for the main inputs. It mirrors most types of gaming mice on the market. It is also designed with up to three thumb buttons.

At the very least, this type is most used in traditional first person or third person shooting PC games – as they correspond to actions including weapon selection, primary fire selection, iron sights or secondary fire as well as grenade actions.

These mice are simple and small. They let you adapt to most actions required in the game with your three fingers. Aside from the up and down buttons you’ll find on high-end models, there are models with a sniper button, which is able to lower the DPI for shots.

• MMO or MOBA mice: Do you love the World of WarCraft or Age of Empires? Perhaps, are MOBA games your favorite? Then, you may want to pick this gaming mouse. These games require some sort of skills, which you don’t have to use very often but need quick activation when the situation calls for it to keep up with the game.

This type of mouse is distinguishable from the rest for its 12-button grid for your thumb. It is well loved by new players, as it allows setting up required units or skills for every button. On the downside, they have harder to identify, smaller buttons, which make them a bit difficult to use for shooter and fast-paced action scenes.

• Ambidextrous Mice: This is one of our favorites! If you’re a left-handed player, then you will love it more than we do. If you don’t want to compromise your competitiveness dealing with a right-handed orientation mouse when playing, then this is the mouse to go. The ambidextrous has symmetrical buttons and bodies.

They don’t have bodies, which are favoring only right-handed players. Many of them also come with a shooter-style button plus thumb buttons located on both sides. Manufacturers ensure that left-handed players will have a great playing time. They anticipated that players are going to disable the buttons for the unused hand, but some models also have replaceable blanks for those unused buttons.

• Mobile mice: Yes, you got it! They’re for you if you’re a laptop gamer. Being always on the go, not intending to miss an action, you play on your laptop. Opt for this mouse type for a portable, smaller version of a gaming mouse. And of course, they’re wireless and lighter than conventional wired models are.

They’re also useful for people who want a grip style because they have a smaller and lighter body, which offers better control even if you’re not touching the mouse too much.

• Hybrid mouse: Do you want more flexibility and options for your gaming mouse? Well, this type works on any genre, and it excels at the same time. These models usually have at least two thumb buttons for “shooting.” However, such have less detailed MMO grids. But then again, hybrid models are a good choice for better flexibility.

With all these tips and features to look for when buying, you’re well on your way to locating the best gaming mouse based on what you need and factors, including grip style, type of mouse and games you’re playing.

Why Choose a Gaming Mouse?

If you’re wondering why you need a ZOWIE gaming mouse, then here is for you. There are many benefits than one to using them when playing shooting or multiplayer PC games. They’re designed and made for a good reason: to give you that ultimate gaming experience, which an ordinary PC mouse won’t be able to provide you with no matter how expensive that is.

In the world of gaming, just a few milliseconds of delay could mean your defeat! No gamer would want that, so every serious one look for best ZOWIE mouse for FPS and specific types for all their gaming requirements.

With fast and precise movements, you can also prevent input lags that will diminish the overall accuracy and control. That’s why you need a good gaming mouse, which can help you achieve the best possible entertainment out of your favorite games.

These models are also built with great polling rate, resolution and sensitivity. For resolution, usually measured in DPI or CPI, it measures the tracking capability of the image sensor, determining the number of pixels that the pointer will move on your screen per inch of movement you’ll make. So that said, your unit will be more sensitive with a higher resolution.

But this feature depends on your preference. Some gamers want it more sensitive while others at a lower intensity.

When it comes to polling rate, it is also better to use a gaming mouse regarding performance. This rate is measured at which the computer is compatible and updated with the mouse pointer’s position. To cut the long story short the more accurately that the cursor on the screen will be resolved with a faster polling rate.

In most cases, you can look for gaming mice with 1000 Hz, which is good.

Overall, using a specific ZOWIE gaming mouse will mean the big difference in your playing experience. Serious gamers who want the best of the best should not go for an ordinary PC mouse. For precise movements and better control, you must get yourself a ZOWIE.

Some Items You May Need For Gaming

If you want to get it right the first or second time you’re playing PC or laptop games, invest on the right materials. To become a professional gamer, you definitely need some items, which we’re highlighting in the following section.

First, you must invest on the game console. You can look for certain types of them online and find those suitable for the kind of games you’re playing. Or better yet, you can ask fellow gamers about the right console they recommend of buying.

You also need a gaming mouse based on the buying guide we’ve highlighted earlier. But aside from that, you must buy a wrist cushion for support. It will also help in lessening the irritation and pain for playing long hours.

Plus, you must have a quality controller. Many of these can be easily plugged into the laptop or PC. One can help you control your character better than without it.

With a mouse is a track pad. Invest on a high quality one that has a low friction and hard surface, letting you move the mouse better.

If you’re playing multiplayer or community games, then buying a good microphone hooked to the game system or computer is also a good idea. With it, you can interact and talk with fellow players online.

ZOWIE Mice Faq’s

1. What’s Ambidextrous?
This mouse is designed to suit both left- and right-handed players. It may be for you if you’re a player looking for more flexibility in hand functionalities as well.
2. What DPI option should I look for?
Ideally, good ones are adjustable from 400-3200 DPI.
3. Which ZOWIE mouse is best for me?
The best place to start is in our guide above. Check out the right model based on your needs.
4. Are ZOWIE mice expensive?
No, they are not.
5. What factors should I consider in choosing a ZOWIE gaming mouse?
Look for one based on your grip style, type of games you’re playing and budget.
6. Why should I get a gaming mouse?

They are designed and created with useful buttons, laser lighting and all the adjustment components and features you’d need to customize the output. Then, many of them could also remember the settings you’ve made, so they’re useful if you’re playing from one PC to another. For a complete idea on the reasons to use a gaming mouse, not an ordinary one, refer to section 3 of this guide.

7. Where should I buy?

There are many online stores where to buy your mouse, but you need to choose one that is reputable and known in supplying original, affordable ZOWIE moue for the best results. You may also want to check out reviews and locate the best sellers online where to find ZOWIE gaming mice.


Have you decided on the best ZOWIE mouse 2020 to buy? We’re hoping that this guide has helped you select one. As you can notice, there are several factors to consider when buying one, including your gripping style, games played and budget. On the market, you must also choose from a wide range of mice available in the ZOWIE brand.

Definitely, we hope that the reviews on certain ZOWIE mice have given you enough information to help you in the decision-making process. All these models have been tested and proven with high quality, solid construction and top features to provide you with the best gaming experience as possible.

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