Bitcoin Traders Don’t Worry Whether We’re In A Recession Or Not

I’ve scoured the internet to find today’s funniest/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 Bitcoin Traders Don’t Care About A Recession
Debate over the definition of a recession, and whether we’re in a recession, feels like a distraction. (MuntDesk)
+ Technically, the US may be in a recession right now, but much of the economy remains strong. (the guard)
This is why the popular definition of a recession is unofficial. (The Atlantic $)
+ Bitcoin’s value is heading for its best month since 2021. (Bloomberg $)

2 Iran ramps up drone production
It wants to sell them to foreign buyers, which reportedly include Russia. (NYT$)
+ Why business is good for military AI startups. (MIT The Tech Warrior)

3 The CHIPS Act Doesn’t Solve the Semiconductor Shortage
Partly because the shortage seems to be decreasing. (Recode)
+ The multi-billion dollar package must be invested wisely. (TheTechWarrior $)
Chipmakers say they urgently need the subsidies promised in the bill. (FT$)

4 The Democrats Didn’t Release A Deepfake Video Of Joe Biden
Despite the efforts of conspiracy theorists to convince the internet. (BBC)
+ The biggest threat from deepfakes is not the deepfakes themselves. (MIT The Tech Warrior)

5 Online outrage is performative and fleeting
Refusing to stoop to their level can make the whole thing less tedious to deal with. (The Atlantic $)

6 sticky patches could revolutionize the way we create ultrasounds
Patients could wear them at home, instead of going to hospital appointments. (the guard)

7 Chinese Virtual Idols Are Burnt Out
Their adoring fans don’t always consider the people behind the animations. (Rest of the world)
+ How China’s biggest online influencers fell from their thrones. (MIT The Tech Warrior)

8 TikTok Is Controlled By Strangers, Not Friends
The platform rejected the social model championed by Facebook, with great success. (New York $)
Instagram has sheepishly (and only temporarily) retracted some of its much-hated recent changes. (NYT$)
+ Facebook has vowed to double the amount of AI-recommended feed content. (Motherboard)
+ Snap and TikTok offer richer, more engaging recommendations than Google. (Slate)

9 This Aging Research Institute Wants To Help You Live Better, Not Any Longer
But the shadow of the promise of immortality looms large. (Neo.Life)
Saudi Arabia plans to spend $1 billion a year discovering treatments to slow aging. (MIT The Tech Warrior)

10 Meet the people who keep the cloud online ☁️
Often under incredibly punishing circumstances. (Aeon)

Quote of the day

“What frustrates me most is when I am accused of twisting the truth. As meteorologists, we report facts. There is no conspiracy.”

Meteorologist and weather presenter Tomasz Schafernaker tells his employer, the BBC, of ​​his frustration at the online abuse he received from climate change deniers during the recent severe heat wave in the UK.

The big story

Meet the injured veteran who had a penis transplant

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