How To Convert Monitor Into Smart TV?

How to convert monitor into smart TV

Computer monitors can be used as TV screens to save money and space. Multipurpose devices are becoming more common in our lives. Technology is merging seamlessly into our daily lives. This article will cover the ins and outs of repurposing an old monitor that is no longer in use or buying a new monitor for … Read more

Chromebook Or Laptop: Which Is Better?

Chromebook or laptop which is better

Chromebook or laptop: which is better? There’s nothing more common than this question, whether it’s asked by parents weighing the best computer option for school or by people looking for an inexpensive computer for their home or office. Our team will help you decide between a Chromebook and a laptop and choose the right one. … Read more

how do i get sound to play through my projector?

How do i get sound to play through my projector

Adding sound to your presentations can add a little extra oomph. The soundtracks of movies and video games enrich the experience of watching or playing. It may annoy you if your projector does not produce sound; there will be no entertainment. This post will show you how do I get sound to play through my … Read more

How To Format An External Hard Drive That Is Not Visible?

how to format an external hard drive that is not visible

Do your hard drives, whether new or old, internal or external, not appear in File Explorer or Disk Management? Follow this guide, and you’ll learn why is your hard drive not showing up and how to format an external hard drive that is not visible? Why Is My External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows … Read more

How To Connect Android Phone To Non Smart TV Using USB Cable?

How to connect Android Phone to non smart tv using USB cable

Are you wondering how to connect android phone to non smart TV using USB cable? Connect an Android phone or tablet to a TV with an MHL/SlimPort cable (via Micro-USB) or Micro-HDMI cable if it’s supported, or cast your screen wirelessly with Miracast or Chromecast. Android phones generally come with a USB cable meant for … Read more

How To Connect Phone To Non Smart TV Without HDMI?

How to Connect Phone to non smart TV Without HDMI

So you’re wondering how to watch movies from your phone to your TV without HDMI. Maybe you want to show your friends a video on a bigger screen, but you can’t figure out how to connect phone to non smart tv without HDMI. What are your options? Do you need to buy any special adapters? … Read more

How To Get Sound From Projector To Bluetooth Speakers?

how to get sound from projector to bluetooth speakers

Would you like to know why your speaker cannot receive clear audio from your projector? Watching something on your big screen can be a bit obsessive. However, many projectors come with poor speakers. In order to have better sound quality, you’ll have to use external speakers. That is why I’ve put together easy steps on … Read more

How To Connect Phone To TV With USB Cable?

How to connect phone to tv with usb cable

This article explains how to connect phone to tv with USB cable. You’ll find information about adding a USB port to the TV if it doesn’t have one and reasons for making the connection. Connecting your phone to your TV isn’t as easy as you might think. Connecting a cable between your phone and TV … Read more

Best 4k 60hz TV For Gaming 2022

Best 4k 60hz tv for gaming 1

The best 4k 60Hz TV for gaming may seem like a dime a dozen, with countless great options available at great prices.  In order to increase the immersion level of your favorite video game, you should invest in a more giant, brighter TV with deeper blacks. Rather than jump straight into our list of the … Read more

Can A 4k 60hz Monitor Run 1440p At 144hz?

can a 4k 60hz monitor run 1440p at 144hz 1

4K monitors have become quite common these days. They provide a better resolution, which makes the graphics of games and videos much better than ever. 4K monitors with a 60 Hz frame rate might not be the best possible choice out there, as there is a higher refresh rate. However, they still pack a punch. … Read more