Can A 4k 60hz Monitor Run 1080p 120hz?

4K monitors are apparently all the rage these days. 4K monitors with 60 Hz are not exactly considered the best, but they are still in the extensive use, which is why every enthusiast is curious to know if different resolutions and frames per second can run on these monitors. Today, the question is: can a 4K 60Hz monitor run 1080p 120Hz?

Can A 4K 60Hz Monitor Run 1080p 120Hz?

To be blunt, no. A 4K 60Hz monitor cannot run 1080p 120Hz. The reason why this can’t happen is that even though the cables themselves allow 1080p 120Hz, the monitors 4K 60Hz monitor panels do not. They are set to run at 60 Hz, so going beyond that is impossible. Thus, if you want to run 1080p 120Hz, you need a monitor with 120 Hz or more than that. It’s just that a 60 Hz monitor is not enough to do the job. However, remember that resolution has nothing to do with this situation.

Can You Run 120Hz On A 60Hz Monitor?

Again, the answer is no, so suppose that you have a 60 Hz monitor and want to play a game on 120 FPS, that is not exactly possible. The running of 120 Hz on 60 Hz monitor that is. in this scenario, your frame rate is faster than a monitor, but the monitor can only refresh as fast as it can refresh. So what will happen is that the video card will not update the screen, that’s all. Also, the screen will not be damaged either, so you are safe.

Is 4k 60Hz Better Than 1080p 120Hz?

But why so desperate to run 1080p 120Hz at a 4K 60Hz monitor? Simple, it’s because 1080p is definitely better than 60 Hz.

But if you are talking from a gamer’s perspective, let’s break it down. 4K 60 Hz is suitable and sufficient enough for most games. But 1080p 120 Hz is much better than that. So if you play competitive or shooter games like Fortnite, playing on later will give you much better results. It is because the better the refresh rate, the faster your games will be, so with a low refresh rate of 60Hz, you won’t be able to enjoy the game to its full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is 4K at 60Hz good? Or 60Hz good for 4k gaming?

Ans: As we mentioned above, even though the refresh rate is not as fast as 120 Hz, the 4k 60 Hz system is still good enough for many games. But, you have to make sure that the system is capable of pushing 60 frames per second on a 4k screen (3840 × 2160). It is because often enough, the consoles run at just 30FPS on a 60 Hz display.

Q: Can 60Hz handle 120fps?

Ans: In technical terms, the 60 Hz monitor can refresh the screen 60 times per second. So following that logic, such monitors can output only 60 fps (Frame Per Second).

Q: Can a 4k 60Hz monitor run 1080p at 144hz?

Ans: No. If the screen is rated to run at 60Hz, that means all resolutions are supported.

Q: How many FPS can a 4K monitor display?

4k monitor display 60 fps. Even the best graphics cards can’t always achieve 60 frames per second in games when running at 4K. You’ll often find either G-Sync or FreeSync in higher-end monitors.