Can You Lower Resolution On 4k Monitor?

Even though they are expensive, 4k monitors have become quite common these days. With a high-resolution display and sharper details, no one would let go of the opportunity to buy one; however, just because you have a 4k monitor, that doesn’t mean that all of your content will also be in 4k. Much of it can be in lower resolution, which means that the display is going to be blurred unless you adjust it. This begs the question; can you lower resolution on 4k Monitor?

Can You Lower Resolution On 4k Monitor?

The answer is that yes, you can. Lowering the Monitor’s resolution is not exactly as difficult as you might be thinking. However, the display is not going to look that great. To be specific, the screen will look a bit washed out. That is because it is simply not running at its native resolution.

Should You Lower The Resolution Of 4k Monitor?

It is a consensus that 4k resolution is perhaps the best display resolution available to consumers. So lowering the 4k Monitor 24/7 does not seem like a great idea. We will tell you why.

First of all, when you lower the resolution, the Monitor is not running on its native resolution anymore. This results in the screen looking a bit washed out. Even though the image details are still ok, the colors are not exactly great. But that also depends on the individual’s perspective, so it might not be bothersome for some users.

Second, you will notice an increase in your PC resources even if you lower the resolution of 4k Monitor. In simple terms, you might face problems like memory running out, program loading, etc.

So we recommend that you should lower the resolution of your 4k Monitor limited to the gaming sessions. This will be helpful, especially if you are running games on 1080p. But for working on documents and web browsing, if the Monitor is set to run on its native resolution.

To summarize, lower the resolution for games, especially for games that support the low resolution, and let it run on a native resolution for other purposes. However, if you want to lower its resolution 24/7, what is the point of buying one? You should have stuck with the older one. No one would recommend doing that.

Does It Look Bad If You Lower Resolution On 4k Monitor?

We have already explained that in detail. But again, if you lower the resolution, the screen will look washed out. The details are still ok, and the display hasn’t blurred out. However, the colors are not looking as best as they could. This is because now, the Monitor is not running on its native resolution.

However, the display is not as bad as you might think. The games still look great, and the videos also don’t look as bad as one might fear. Some people can ignore the washed-out screen part, and some people don’t, so it depends on perspective. However, it is recommended to lower the resolution only for games; otherwise, what is the point of buying a 4k monitor?

How Can You Lower Resolution On 4k Monitor?

The resolution can be changed in the display settings of the Monitor. All you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step process given below.

  • Go to your Desktop screen.
  • Right-click on the screen.
  • Select the Display Settings to open the relevant settings.
  • Click on a resolution to open it.
  • Now, choose whatever resolution settings that you want and close the window.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why Should You Avoid Lowering Resolution Of 4k Monitor?

Ans: You should lower the resolution for gaming, especially if it is at a lower resolution itself. However, there is no point in lowering the resolution for all other applications, like working or internet browsing, because it will make your screen look washed out. Additionally, there will be an increase in PC resources events, so it’s better to avoid lowering it unless necessary.

Q: Can You Set A 4k Monitor To 1080p?

Ans: Yes, you can. But keep in mind that if you do it from the Display Settings of your PC, that will apply to everything, not limited to just one application. But if you want to lower the resolution at 1080p  at 4k Monitor for gaming, you should get that game’s settings to achieve that. That will apply that resolution only in that game. Although, some games immediately lower the resolution by default, so you don’t need to do anything.

Q: Does Lowering Screen Resolution Increase Performance Or Reduce Lagging?

Ans: The performance can be increased, or lag could be reduced by increasing the fps (frame rate per second).  The fps can be increased by decreasing the resolution. This proves to be quite helpful in competitive gaming.