what can the new bing chat do

Here is the detail of what can the new bing chat do, read the complete article to know that how Bing Chat can help you with various tasks, such as:

• Finding information from web sources and summarizing it for you.

• Comparing products, prices, reviews, and features in a table or a list.

• Generating content such as poems, stories, code, essays, songs, celebrity parodies and more.

• Rewriting, improving, or optimizing your content.

• Creating or drawing images based on your request.

• Giving you suggestions for things like recipes, movies, books, games, etc.

• Having a friendly conversation with you about your interests, hobbies, opinions, etc.

Bing Chat is an AI chatbot that uses the power of Bing and ChatGPT to answer your questions, generate content, and have a friendly chat with you. You can access Bing Chat in three ways:

• On the Bing website, by clicking on the chat icon next to the search box.

• On the Microsoft Edge browser, by clicking on the Bing icon in the upper right of your toolbar. This will open a sidebar where you can chat with Bing and get answers related to the page you are viewing.

• On your Android device, by downloading the SwiftKey keyboard app and enabling Bing Chat as an input option.

what can the new bing chat do
what can the new bing chat do

You can customize Bing Chat’s tone and mode to suit your preferences. Three modes are available: balanced, creative, and precise. The default option, Balanced, provides you with responses that are informative, rational, and actionable. Creative mode can produce more unique and enjoyable content because it is more inventive and fun. You can get more specific and accurate information from precise mode because it is more factual and rigorous.

A huge language model called GPT4 is used by ChatGPT, a generative AI engine that powers Bing Chat, to comprehend natural language and generate logical and pertinent responses. Bing Chat is continuously developing its features and learning from user interactions.

The purpose of Bing Chat is to be amiable, interesting, and courteous. Your conversation history or private information is not stored or shared by it. To safeguard itself and others from danger, it also adheres to specific restrictions and safety guidelines. For instance, it cannot compose copyrighted stuff for you, do your schoolwork, or produce offensive or hazardous information.