Escort Max 360 vs Valentine One

If you have to commute to work daily through a long distance, you will know that it is crucial to memorize the spot where the police can set up camera and radar gun to monitor your vehicle’s speed.

To counter the radar technology used by the police, a radar detector is an essential electronic device to spot out the hiding radar gun. The user will be alerted to slow down, thus preventing getting fined ticket for speeding.

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There are various brands on the market for Radar Detector, each with their advantage and disadvantage.

In this article, there will be a comparison of the top leading Radar Detector technology: The Escort Max 360 versus the Valentine One.

At the end of the article, you will know which one is more suitable for your needs, based on all the device’s available features as well as price.

The next section will first guide you through the distinguishing features of each device.

Escort Max 360

#1: Far Range with fast response alert

The viable range that Max 360 can detect the radar signal is enormous with low response time. The Max 360 can map out the location of the radar gun onto the interface with arrow display.

Moreover, the Escort Max 360 employs both antennas on the front side and rear side so that they can automatically scan and process the radar signal from every angle and direction.

With the ultimate focus on precision, the Escort Max 360 can deliver the analyzed threat accurately with a lightning response speed.

#2: Modern Interface

Thanks to the impressive interface design, the users can identify the threat quickly by the directional arrows on the Escort Max 360. Moreover, the display also shows the signal strength, type as well as the driver’s speed compared to the speed limit.

The user can also set up voice communication so that they can focus on the road and still be alerted when there is a potential threat nearby.

#3: High-end features with live database

There are various modes available with the Escort Max 360. The Cruise Alert mode has a Bluetooth connection to the EscortLive database to load the offline location of the possible hiding radar gun.

On another hand, the AutoLearn mode can deploy the latest GPS technology to study your daily route and analyze all the live locations of police’s radar gun.

The Escort Max 360 has a very robust database that is powered by the connecting community. Each spotted radar gun and laser threat will be updated to the central database, then processed by the state-of-the-art EscortLive app.

This continuous-updated database will always on alert of the new threat location from the police, as soon as they are spotted by other drivers in the system.

The Valentine One 

#1: Good radar detector on the market

The most remarkable feature of Valentine one is that it has a massive detecting range among all of the rival devices in the market.

Similar to the Escort Max 360, the Valentine one also employs multiple radar antennas, one in the front side and one in the rear side. This physical design has enabled the Valentine device to detect signals from a full 360-degree angle.

With the state of the art sensitivity of the detecting antennas, the user can spot instantly a speeding trap at the end of the road or even from the police car following behind the user’s vehicle.

Moreover, the Valentine One is the best detector in the market with the highest range of detectable radar signals such as Ka, K, X, Ku Band or Super Wideband Ka.

#2: Classic Interface with simple controls

The Valentine One has been continuously developed since 1976 by Mike Valentine, and the device’s interface has received very little change over the years.

The main reason to maintain the classic interface is that many users are used to the interface, so there is no incentive to deploy any new changes. The controls are intuitive and straightforward to use, no matter if you have any previous experience with a radar detector or not.

Some users, however, might find the interface a little bit outdated for the modern devices nowadays.

#3: No GPS feature

Perhaps this is the setback that a lot of users might find off-putting for a modern radar detector technology. There is no GPS feature on the Valentine One because the developer refuses to include GPS technology in the final product.

The reason is that Mike Valentine believes the GPS technology could intervene with the original radar detector design, thus making the signals less accurate.

That also means the users will not be able to see any warnings for red light and speed camera compared to the Escort Max 360.

Final Verdict

If you only look for a device that is extremely powerful in radar gun detection and you do not care for interface design, then you should pick out the Valentine one.

However, if you want to have other convenient features such as GPS technology as well as the flashy interface and the ability the connect to the smartphone, then the Escort Max 360 will suit all your needs. Nevertheless, the price of the Escort Max 360 device is also higher.

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