How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer With One VGA Port?

Would you like a bigger screen but don’t want to spend a lot on a bigger monitor? What if you have two monitors? It is possible to have the same picture on each monitor. However, most computers have just one VGA port. Therefore, the question arises: how to connect two monitors to one computer with one VGA port?

There is no need to worry if you, too, are asking this question. Despite having just one VGA port, I will show you how to connect two monitors.

Necessities To Join/Connect Two Monitors To One VGA Port

Having two monitors will let you expand the data currently on the first desktop, or you will be able to work with entirely different kinds of output on each monitor.

For that purpose, you’ll need a VGA or Video Graphics Array; nevertheless, since most computers only have one VGA port, you’ll need to purchase a VGA splitter. A second option is to change the entire video card of your computer so that it supports not one but two cables.

But if you want a price range and a better choice, go with a VGA splitter. Nevertheless, it requires a little bit of energy to run. Nonetheless, you need not worry about that since it can be accomplished by connecting your USB to one of the USB ports on your laptop.

How To Connect Two monitors To One Computer With One VGA Port?

Install a new video card

Replace your old video card with one that supports two VGA ports. This may take time, expertise, and money. So, if you are up for it and absolutely sure that you will do justice to both the VGA ports, we recommend you change the video card.

Yes, this is a permanent solution, but it can get expensive.

Get a VGA Splitter

It is amazing how small things can make a significant difference. Take the VGA splitter, for example! This small electronic piece can solve your problem in a jiffy! This is not very expensive, and the setup process is not too complicated either.

How do I connect the VGA splitter to the USB port?

To connect the splitter to your computer, connect the main cable to the VGA port. Ensure a tight fit and fix screws if necessary.

If your computer has dual VGA ports, there will be no problems if you connect to the other monitor. Suppose your computer has one VGA port by changing the video card’s settings video card option in the settings. All VGA cables have a splitter option. You can connect the splitter to the computer via a USB port on the splitter.

Steps of Installation

Firstly, turn off your computer and then connect the VGA port. Connect the VPGA cable to the female ports and the remaining two cables to the male ports.

The dual-screen option will appear as soon as you turn on the computer. Sometimes you must change the configuration to make it work.

Configuration of the VGA port

Select the control panel from the Start menu of your computer. If necessary, adjust the screen resolution from the personalization tab. When the detect button appears, select dual/multiple displays. Then, adjust the resolution of the display. You will get adjustable displays on two monitors, though the resolution won’t be too sharp.

how to connect two monitors to one computer with one VGA port

Testing the PC

Following the previous steps, you can test the dual-display on the PC to see if it is working. When the dual-display expands, you’ll be able to customize the desktop settings. If you reset the PC, you can restore the default settings.

In order to customize, you need to choose between the primary and secondary screen options. You can also change these screen settings at any time.

Here is the video for setting up Two monitors:

Thanks to the large display, you can work with ease which you could not do before with a small laptop screen.

A little tip: If you have two monitors, it’s necessary to change their resolution and orientation. It is possible to change the resolution and orientation of each monitor by selecting them. You can view some graphs or pictures in portrait mode and others in landscape mode.

You can connect two monitors to one PC using just one VGA splitter. It is easy to set up and configure. You can therefore complete your work without any hassle.


There are some other ways on how to connect two monitors to one computer with one VGA port. For instance, you could also use HDMI ports. But the VGA method is the most convenient. If your PC doesn’t respond to a secondary monitor after the connection is established, check for corrupted drivers or update the software. Please remember to remove the bug fixes before setting up a dual monitor configuration on a single computer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does VGA splitter allow extended desktop?

Ans: The splitter does not support extended desktop applications. The purpose of a Video Splitter is to display the same image on multiple monitors. You probably need a video card with multiple video outputs interested in extended desktop features.

Q: How do I connect two monitors without a splitter?

Ans: If you have a USB to DVI adapter, you can use it. It is really just a low-end GPU. You can connect it to your HDMI port if your laptop has one. For the second monitor, I’d use HDMI to DVI cables.

Q: Can I connect 2 laptops with a VGA cable?

Ans: Yes, you can. In general, you do not need to worry about the ports if you have VGA cables. There is always a way around obstacles such as these.

Q: How do I connect 2 monitors to an extended computer?

Ans: Select Screen resolution by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop. Select Extend these displays or Duplicate these displays from the Multiple displays drop-down menu, and click OK or Apply.