Is Windows 10 Bad For Gaming?

If you want to find out if Windows 10 is good or bad for gaming, then this is the right place to start.

Would you like to play games on Windows 10 if you are a Windows Computer user? Will Windows 10 make your gaming experience better or worse?

In this article, I have told you that if you are using Windows 10, then is Windows 10 good for gaming or is Windows 10 bad for gaming.

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Is windows 10 bad for gaming?

No, Windows 10 is the updated and upgraded version of the Windows operating system, and it is genuinely good for playing games. In addition, gamers agree that Windows 10 OS offers many more features and functionalities for playing games. As the dummies state, playing games on the latest windows version is always a good idea since Microsoft adds game controls and better features to the latest version of windows.

Is Windows 10 Bad for Gaming?

Windows 10 is not a bad option for gaming because it is a Microsoft operating system specifically designed for gaming, office work, and education. So, if you want to use Windows 10 for gaming, then it is not a bad choice.

Here are some of the reasons why Windows 10 is a good choice for gaming, so read on for some of the features of Windows 10 that make it a good choice for gaming

Direct X12:

The software is very useful for running graphics and playing audios, as well as for gaming. Windows 10 comes with this program. The Microsoft Corporation primarily develops the software.

The software is actually not available for all versions of Windows except for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Gamers should take advantage of these.

UI improvements:

UI(User interface) improvements in Windows 10 version make it perfect for playing graphics games.

A few minor and crucial changes were made to the Windows 10 version, including automatically prompting for the second window and 3D accelerated desktop applications. Also, some crucial changes were made, including the virtual desktop, which you can easily access from the tabs and windows. On top of that, you will also find a new start option in this version of Windows 10. From there, you can access all the apps easily.


Some data shows that Windows 10 operating systems take significantly less time to enter sleep mode, shut down, and restart. Time is extremely important to gamers.

On average, the booting process of a windows 10 computer takes 26 seconds, and going to sleep takes approximately 3 seconds. Windows 10’s waking time is also quick, and on average, the PC wakes within 8 to 9 seconds.

Free Update:

Assume you’re using Windows 7. If that is the case, you will know that the free update functions are unavailable on these systems, and some games do not support the higher graphics requirements. Because of this, everyone is switching to Windows 10.

There are free updates within Windows 10, so you can do so within this version if you want to update your graphics.

There are several reasons why Windows 10 operating systems are a good and preferred choice for gamers.

How Does Windows 10 Game Mode Work?

When you play a game on sub-par hardware, you know what it’s like to suffer from dropped frames and sudden slowdown. You may lose a game if your frame drops, especially if you’re up against a boss who relies on sudden reactions or playing a multiplayer match and losing track of your opponent.

Windows 10 Game Mode prevents this by giving the game you’re playing priority access to all system resources, including those from your processor and graphics card.

The program also has a hidden feature: it stops notifications, Windows updates, and driver updates. It won’t interrupt your gameplay if your computer decides it’s time for an update out of the blue since you won’t receive system notifications.