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This week marked the in-person return of TheTechWarrior Disrupt, with our team bringing the show back to the real world completely virtually after two years. It was a great show, with appearances from the likes of tennis legend (became investor) Serena Williams, comedian (became investor!) Kevin Hart, Lyft co-founder John Zimmer, and Figma CEO Dylan Field. Congratulations Minerva Lithium on winning the Startup Battlefield competition!

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Google’s Ping-Pong Robot: “As if it weren’t enough to make AI tan humanity’s skin (figuratively for now) at every existing board game,” Devin writes, “Google AI has one that works to destroy us all at Ping-Pong too.”

Elon expects massive layoffs at Twitter: Musk reportedly wants to cut up to 75% of Twitter’s workforce — about 5,600 jobs — if/when his takeover of the company goes through. That number seems rather absurd. Even much smaller layoffs have aggravating effects on things like team morale and productivity – just imagine how much knowledge/insight disappears when the majority of a company is laid off.

Kanye West Buys Parler: Well, that’s a headline I never, never, never predicted. “Kanye West, the rapper who also goes by the name Ye, has reached an agreement to purchase the ‘uncashable platform for free speech’ Parler,” Manish writes, “in an effort [the involved parties say] will help individuals express their conservative views freely.”

Stability AI raises $101 million: The company behind the AI-powered image generator Stable Diffusion and the music-generating system Dance Diffusion has raised $101 million at a reported valuation of $1 billion.

Netflix is ​​exploring cloud gaming: Just as Google is giving up its cloud gaming efforts, Netflix is ​​diving in. During Disrupt this week, Netflix’s VP Gaming said the company is “seriously exploring a cloud gaming offering,” and said Google’s blinded effort was a “technical success” with “business model issues.”

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Here’s what’s going on in TC podcastland this week:

Equity was live and personal! After years in pandemic mode, the Equity crew (Alex, Natasha and Mary Ann) kicked off Disrupt by recording a show face-to-face for the first time. On Found, Darrell and Jordan spoke to Jerrica Kirkley and Matthew Wetschler and learned the story of Plume, their telehealth company focused on transgender care.


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2023 VC predictions: what will venture capital look like in 2023 after a few wild years of ups and downs? Unlike Capital founder Eric Tarczynski weighs in.

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