Is There Any Way That You Can Make 1080p Look Better On 4k Monitor?

It looks like 4k monitors are not going away anytime soon. But that does not mean that you will also get all the content in 4k. Many videos and content, primarily gaming, are still commonly done in 1080p. That can be problematic, as 4k resolution is four times more than 1080p. That does not mean that you skip the 1080p content entirely because that is impossible, and you will be severely limited in your options. That begs the question; how to make 1080p look better on a 4k monitor?

Does 1080p Look Bad On 4k Monitor?

Not exactly. Well, after adjustments, it doesn’t.

We can’t deny that it looks terrible at first. The pixels are blown, so the details become blurred, and graphics leave a lot to be desired. Many people claim that 1080p looks horrible on a 4k monitor, but that is not true either. After changing the relevant settings, the 1080p looks almost as good. However, there is a slight difference between 4K and 1080p. The last pixels are more rounded, blending in with neighboring pixels. But pixels in 4k have a sharper square shape, resulting in more detailed images. However, that difference only becomes visible when you are just 2″ away from the screen.

So, in short, no, 1080p does not look bad on a 4k monitor. Just make sure your monitor settings are adjusted accordingly.

How To Make 1080p Look Better On 4k Monitor:

There are different ways you can make 1080p look better on 4k Monitor.

Buying A New Monitor:

Sarcasm. But if you have been lugging your old Monitor for some years, maybe you should look into that.

Converting The Resolution Of The Content:

You can just change the resolution of 1080p content to 4k by using the software. There is much software that you can either buy or download for free. You can also do it from an online converter for free. But keep in mind that this does not work for games.

Changing The Resolution Of Monitor:

You can simply change the resolution of your Monitor. This is a straightforward process.

  • Right-click on the Desktop screen.
  • Select Display Setting.
  • Open Resolution.
  • Scroll down to find the desired resolution (in this case, 1080p or 1920×1080 pixels).
  • Select it and close the window.

By doing this, you apply the resolution setting on all the applications on your PC.

Changing The Resolution Of Individual App:

Although you can change the Monitor’s resolution, there are some drawbacks. That setting will apply to every application. It is recommended to lower resolution for gaming, but not for working or web browsing. So, you can change the resolution setting of just that application.

For example, you only want to lower the resolution of your game. So you can go in the display settings of that game and lower the resolution from there. This way, the setting will apply only to that game and no other app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does 1080p Look Bad On 4k Monitor?

Ans: It depends on perspective. But no, if you make proper adjustments and tweak the scaling, the 1080p content does not look bad on a 4k screen. In fact, it can look quite good.

Q: Is It Better To Play Games At Their Native Resolution?

Ans: The Monitor is more equipped to handle the content at its native resolution. It can be adjusted to lower the resolution. The display can end up looking quite good, but there might still be some slight differences. Plus, higher resolution can decrease the frame rate per second, which can increase the lag. Hence it is better to play the games at their native resolution, especially if you are playing competitive games.

Q: Is It OK To Run A 4K Monitor At 1080p?

Ans: Yes, it is. We have already explained that 1080p can look good on a 4k monitor with proper adjustments, so playing should be no hesitation. The game will look and work just fine.