How Far Can A Police Radar Detect Your Speed?

How far can a police radar detect your speed

If you have ever been pulled over for speeding, you know the feeling; your heart races, and your palms get sweaty. You’re not the only one. One out of every 5 drivers will receive a speeding ticket. Every year, the police write 6 billion tickets. Lasers and radar are the two main ways police write … Read more

Best Undetectable Radar Detector 2022

best undetectable radar detector 2022

An undetectable radar detector is an important part of car ownership that you should consider since it can protect you from radars and lasers used by the police. Because police can detect a radar detector in your car (although it’s only illegal in a few states), having one puts you one step ahead of law … Read more

Best Radar Detector For The Money In 2022

best radar detector for the money

The biggest question about radar detectors is whether they are worth the money. Are they really going to save you from speeding tickets, or are they just another cool gadget you can show off inside your car? In most cases, it depends. So we created this guide to the best radar detector for the money … Read more