Deep learning can almost perfectly predict how ice forms

Researchers have used deep learning to more precisely than ever model how ice crystals form in the atmosphere. Their paper, published this week in PNAS, points to the potential to significantly increase the accuracy of weather and climate forecasts. The researchers used deep learning to predict how atoms and molecules behave. First, models were trained … Read more

A new ‘Institutional Angel’ fund exemplifies the UK’s continued ability to innovate in enterprises – TheTechWarrior

The UK Enterprise Investment Scheme has been a powerhouse for UK startups as it enabled Angel investors to invest in a highly tax efficient manner. It was launched in 1994 and was intended to encourage investment in small privately held companies. As Wikipedia will tell you, by the end of the 2014-15 tax year, a … Read more

TikTok is ‘shadow promoting’ banned content in Russia

In the weeks following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin has criminalized everything it deemed “false information” about state entities or the war in Ukraine. In response, TikTok suspended live streaming and new content on the app for Russia-based users on March 6. But a new report reveals that certain Russia-based accounts continue to upload … Read more

Meta’s BlenderBot 3 chatbot, released in the US on August 5, echoes anti-Semitic stereotypes, claims that Donald Trump is the current US president, and more (Katherine Tangalakis-Lippert/Insider)

Katherine Tangalakis-Lippert / Insider: Meta’s BlenderBot 3 chatbot, released in the US on August 5, repeats anti-Semitic stereotypes, claims Donald Trump is the current US president, and more— – Meta’s new machine learning chatbot, BlenderBot 3, is the company’s most advanced AI chatbot to date.

How Much Will Apple’s iPhone 14 Cost? Here’s What Rumors Say

Apple usually introduces new iPhones in September, which means the rumored iPhone 14 may be right around the corner. We’re expecting to see a notchless display and a 48-megapixel camera on the Pro models among other changes. Apple may also ditch the iPhone Mini in favor of a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max, if the leaks and reports … Read more

Fitbit’s deprecated support for PC music file transfers

If you own a Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, or Ionic, you’ll soon be unable to transfer music from your computer to your Fitbit device. On a support page spotted by 9to5Google, Fitbit says it is discontinuing its Fitbit Connect app, leaving you with only two ways to download music to your device: a paid subscription … Read more

Corruption sends shockwaves through China’s chip industry

It remains unclear whether Unigroup’s failure was the direct cause of the anti-corruption earthquake within Big Fund. The strategy that the latter has followed – throwing huge investments against the wall and seeing what sticks – can fail miserably. According to longtime observers, this strategy is also the perfect breeding ground for corruption. “This is … Read more

Beacon Power Services raises $2.7 million to improve access to electricity for sub-Saharan African cities – TheTechWarrior

According to reports, Sub-Saharan Africa’s share of the world’s population without access to electricity was 77% in 2020. Also, the average daily electricity supply in some of Africa’s largest cities is less than 12 hours. As a result, individuals and businesses are finding other options and replacements, such as generators, to solve their power problems; … Read more

The Microsoft Team Racing to catch bugs before they happen

As a stream of cybercriminals, state-backed hackers and scammers continue to flood the zone with digital attacks and aggressive campaigns around the world, it’s no surprise that the maker of the ubiquitous Windows operating system focuses on security. Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday update releases often contain fixes for critical vulnerabilities, including vulnerabilities that are actively exploited … Read more

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi meets with TSMC Chair Mark Liu and others to discuss the implementation of the Chips and Science Act during her visit to Taiwan (Nikkei Asia)

Nikkei Asia: US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi meets with TSMC Chair Mark Liu and others to discuss implementation of the Chips and Science Act during her visit to Taiwan— TAIPEI — US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with key Taiwan chip industry leaders in Taipei on Wednesday as part of…