The power and pitfalls of AI for US intelligence

In an example of the IC’s successful use of AI, after exhausting all other avenues — from human spies to signals intelligence — the US was able to locate an unidentified weapons of mass destruction research and development facility in a major Asian country by bus. to locate those traveling between the country. and other … Read more

Grab a pair of 2nd Gen Echo Frames from just $100

Eyeware has entered the smart age, with many options for eyewear and sunglasses with built-in Bluetooth now on the market. And the most comfortable option in our roundup of favorites is Amazon’s own Echo Frames. The 2nd gen Echo frames have your Alexa assistant built in so you can make calls, play music and more … Read more

Delivery apps are reshaping life in India’s megacities

It’s also not clear what problem they’re solving, Singhal says, as most kiranas already take orders via WhatsApp and deliver to the customer. The only explanation, he says, is a global glut of capital seeking investment opportunities in an era of low interest rates. “For me, this excitement comes from this rampant money pressure, which … Read more

7 Best USB Hubs and Docks (2022): USB-C, USB-A, Portable

Your laptop can never have enough ports, especially if it’s the Macbook Air this guide is written on. That forces you to carry a set of dongles with you so you can plug everything in. Fortunately, there is a better way. USB hubs allow you to expand the number and type of ports available, and … Read more

How to watch the giant comet fly past Earth soon?

Five years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope spotted a large comet at the furthest distance ever, as it approached the sun from far away between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. Now that gigantic space snowball is making its closest pass to Earth within weeks. Comet C/2017 K2 will be closest to us on July … Read more

There must be a better way to binge

I’ve been watching TV shows and movies since the 90’s. First it was churning through my sister’s old VHS footage of Doctor Who and X-Files, then there was collecting and watching whole series of anime, bit by bit from places like Sam Goody and Suncoast. By the early 2000s, companies were starting to release series … Read more