Best Stores to Buy MP3 and Digital Music You Own Forever

Streaming music from a service like Spotify or Apple Music might be great, but it’s not always convenient. For starters, you need a solid internet connection and, while you can download songs to play offline, once you stop paying the monthly fee, access to your music disappears. Buying digital music like MP3s or FLACs makes … Read more

Telegram’s Premium plan is here and costs $4.99/month

After announcing Telegram Premium earlier this month, the messaging app has finally rolled out the paid tier, which gives users access to additional features for $4.99 per month (via The Tech Warrior). All its features are laid out in a post on Telegram’s blog, with some of its bigger draws, including faster downloads and a … Read more

Why people troll their spam texts

I didn’t respond, but many others who have received similar texts have. Some even throw it back at their spammers by telling wild stories and sending hilarious messages to frustrate everyone on the other end. They fight back with snark and in some cases post screenshots of their conversations online. Spam texts are on the … Read more

Is Windows 10 Bad For Gaming?

Is Windows 10 Bad For Gaming?

If you want to find out if Windows 10 is good or bad for gaming, then this is the right place to start. Would you like to play games on Windows 10 if you are a Windows Computer user? Will Windows 10 make your gaming experience better or worse? In this article, I have told … Read more