Final Fantasy XVI Director Wants To Shake Up The Series With Epic Monster Battles

  What Naoki Yoshida is most excited about in Final Fantasy XVI is the eikon battles. Speaking to The Tech Warrior, Yoshida, the game’s director, explained how earth-shattering, knock-down, drag-out combat between some of the franchise’s most prominent and popular monsters played a big part in this latest single-player. , non-remake entry in the 35-year-old … Read more

Finland is the first country to build a complete underground geological storage facility for its spent nuclear waste

The scars and pox of the aging apartments and housing units under the purview of the New York City Housing Authority don’t immediately convey the idea of ​​innovation. NYCHA, the city’s largest landlord, serving nearly 1 in 16 New Yorkers, has literally seen its buildings collapse after decades of deferred maintenance and poor stewardship. All … Read more

Senate Speaker Maria Cantwell says she doesn’t support bipartisan privacy law, a major blow to long-stalled federal data protection (Cristiano Lima/Washington Post)

Cristiano Lima / Washington Post† Senate Speaker Maria Cantwell Says She Doesn’t Support Bipartisan Privacy Bill, A Huge Blow To Long-Stuck Federal Data Protection– Senate Speaker Maria Cantwell said she is nowhere near backing a major bill, dealing a serious blow to efforts to revive the long-stalled bill

Best place to buy contacts online for 2022

In recent years, it has been a struggle to raise enough money to even cover a six-month supply of my contact lenses. Many times I considered just wearing my glasses full time because spending a few hundred dollars was too rich for my bank account. If you wear contact lenses, you know how expensive they … Read more

Brave’s search engine lets you customize your results

  Brave Search has launched a new feature that allows you to create or apply custom filters that change the way results are ranked. It’s called “Goggles” and it can potentially help you discover resources that you might not immediately find in traditional search engines like Google. Brave has some demos ready for users to … Read more

Huge data centers are sneaking into cities

You may not have heard of Hikvision, but chances are you’ve already been captured by one of the millions of cameras. The Chinese company’s products can be found everywhere from police surveillance systems to baby monitors in more than 190 countries. His ability to make decent quality products at cheap prices (as well as his … Read more