Why is Windows 10 so Expensive?

Why is Windows 10 so Expensive

Most of us have been Microsoft fans, using their products for years due to their convenience, versatility, and also the company’s reputation on the market.

However, there will be a time when you ask yourself “why Windows 10 is so expensive?”, “Is this because it is their latest operating system? ”.

The explanation for such an annoying issue is as follows!

What is Windows 10?

It may sound kind of ridiculously obvious but, still, many people don’t know exactly what Windows 10 is. So, Windows 10 is an operating system that was introduced on 9/30/2014 in the event of the program named “The Build” and was officially released for the general public on 7/29/2015.

It is considered as a great upgrade compared to the last version Windows 8.1, marking a very accurate decision of Microsoft to provide a desktop-oriented interface, which has received positive reviews from both users and critics.

Why is Windows 10 So Expensive?

There are plenty of reasons explaining why we have to pay such a cutting price for this newest operating system from Microsoft, some of which will be enlisted below.

Boot time

Windows 10’s users can save about 2-3 seconds when using the face recognition provided by the new version.
This technology is now commonly featured in high-end notebooks along with fingerprint recognition, giving the Windows 10 a slight edge. But it requires an Intel RealSense 3D camera and can’t work with an ordinary webcam.


The Interface is undoubtedly a great change in this version. Before, in Windows 8, Microsoft’s insistence on imposing a Start Screen interface has somewhat caused undesirable experience, accounted for so much space, and greatly hindered it from getting popular among users.

Now, in the 10 Windows version, the company has made it right. The start title only occupies a small space, emerging from the bottom-left, showing all the recent apps you have opened the last time, thus making things more convenient for users.

The search bar lying next to the start button performs advanced searches that enable you to find any documents or apps stored in your computer in just a minute.

What’s more? The virtual desktop is also a notable feature in this version’s interface, especially beneficial for business as Windows 10 lets you keep sets of apps on desktops, compartmentalize the tasks so you can separately work with different projects without messing things up.

You can easily control your works just by clicking the task view button or by pressing Windows + Tabs and quickly switch between desktops by pressing Ctrl + Windows + Arrow (Left or Right depending).

Enterprise Support

Microsoft has already done quite a good job in Windows 8.1 providing you with high-functioning features such as Secure Boot, business store, Windows To Go which gives you a bootable desktop from a USB device, and credential guard.

Now, the company still retains these features and also integrates some others with higher efficiency in business rollouts. In-place upgrades are smoother and faster (only less-than-40-minute upgrade to Win 10 pro), so users do not have to reimage after the process, and all the documents and applications remain intact.

The new version also makes it easier for implementing hardware into the business without wiping out the information and starting all over again. The priority for the updates is also provided in which consumers can defer updates, wait for new features to bed down, and then apply them to the business machines.

How to get Windows 10 at a more reasonable price?

OEM License

It is the easiest discount you can find on the market!
Don’t be mistaken by the idea that License is the same as an Operating System. Different licenses dictate what you can do with the software while OS shows what is available in the version. The most common licenses are the retail and OEM varieties.

All key features are the same in both licenses but the difference lies in the transferability of the license to another machine later on. Sadly, for the OEM version, in exchange for a cheaper price, you only have a license key in one computer.

The OEM license is available at both physical and online stores.

Education Discount

Microsoft is a leading company in supporting and subsidizing education, therefore, the students can enjoy certain privileges including buying Windows 10 copy for free or with an enormous discount when in the college community.

What’s so surprising is that it is nearly the same as the Windows 10 enterprise and students only have to do some legwork to get it.

To get the software, you have to register for a course first, fill the information, and wait for the verification for your school and online store where you purchase the product. Then, you will get Windows 10 with a steal deal.

Taking on classes is beneficial enough as you can approach the features that are only provided in Windows 10 and you’ll learn something new.

However, if your local community has no agreement with Microsoft, this way will not work and you have to fall back on other alternatives.

Sales Events

Special Occasions like Black Friday or rare sales events will be worth remembering if you have any intention to buy Windows 10. The price can be as low as 85$ for Windows 10 OEM license ( for home users) and 120$ Windows 10 OEM Pro.


The Start menu shrinks back into its corner, the Searchbar is provided, along with other features that are enough to answer your question “why is Windows 10 so expensive?”.

Now, I hope you’ll get what you want from this post. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section below and I’ll be pleased to answer them. Thanks for reading!

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